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Norcross Patios Perfected: Elevate Your Backyard with Stunning Pavers from BlackRock Landscape & Construction


With a foundation built on professionalism and a commitment to delivering top-tier results, we are the professionals you can rely on to bring your visions to life.


A palette of creativity and a commitment to pushing boundaries, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary expressions of art and architecture.


Built on teamwork and a shared commitment to achieving remarkable outcomes, we are the cooperative force that turns visions into reality.

Are You Searching For "Paver Contractors Near Me?" in Norcross, GA BlackRock Landscape & Construction are Here!

Scouring Norcross for “paver contractors near me”? Look no further than BlackRock Landscape & Construction! We’re your local experts for all things patios, from classic cambridge pavers to beautiful belgard pavers. Worried about cracked concrete patios or uneven flagstone? We can fix those too! BlackRock can design, install, or repair any paver patio or walkway you dream of. Stop wondering “who installs paver stones near me?” and call BlackRock today!

paver patio services
paver patio services
paver patio services
paver patio services

BlackRock: Your One-Stop Shop for All Paver Patio Troubles in Norcross, GA

Norcross neighbors! Is your backyard patio looking a little worse for wear? Maybe those paving slabs are starting to settle or showing some cracks? Don’t worry, BlackRock Landscape & Construction is your one-stop shop for all your paver troubles! Whether you call them paver stones, patio pavers, or even driveway pavers, our experts can fix uneven slabs, drainage issues, and even replace cracked stones. We also offer paver installation for those dream patio makeovers! Don’t waste time stressing over your pavers, BlackRock can get your backyard looking fantastic again! Just visit us.

Offering The Best Services


Our skilled artisans bring concrete to life, shaping it into sturdy foundations, sleek driveways, elegant pathways, and versatile outdoor spaces. We understand that each project is unique, and our expertise allows us to customize the texture, color, and finish of the concrete to match your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Decks, Fences, Pergolas

Decks, fences, and pergolas are the embodiment of outdoor living, creating inviting spaces that seamlessly merge with nature while providing comfort and style.

Skid Steer Work /Grading

Skid steer work and grading are the foundations of precision and preparation at BlackRock Landscape & Construction.


We believe that the great outdoors should be an extension of your living space a place where memories are made, gatherings come to life, and relaxation takes center stage. Our expertise in crafting exquisite paver patios seamlessly marries design with functionality, giving you the perfect canvas to create outdoor moments that will be cherished for years to come.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is not just a surface; it’s a gateway to a low-maintenance, vibrant outdoor oasis.

General Landscaping

General landscaping is the art of transforming outdoor spaces into harmonious and captivating environments that enhance the beauty, functionality, and enjoyment of your property.

Retaining Walls

We understand that a well-designed landscape goes beyond aesthetics—it's about harnessing the natural contours of the land to create functional and captivating outdoor spaces. Our expertise in crafting retaining walls allows us to reshape terrains, create multi-level gardens, and enhance the beauty and functionality of your property.

Stamped Colored Concrete

Stamped colored concrete is the art of merging aesthetics with functionality, transforming ordinary concrete into a canvas of textures, patterns, and hues that elevate your outdoor and indoor environments.

Our Work Process

At BlackRock Landscape & Construction, our work process is a finely tuned orchestration of creativity, expertise, and dedication that culminates in the creation of exceptional spaces. With a commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction, our work process ensures that every project, from concept to completion, is a journey marked by precision, collaboration, and excellence.

Design & Dream:

Free Consultation: Our experts will meet you at your Norcross home to discuss your vision, budget, and paver preferences (cambridge pavers, belgard pavers, etc.).
Plan & Perfect: We'll design a stunning and functional paver patio layout, including size, shape, and features like fire pits or walkways.

Build & Beauty:

Expert Installation: Our skilled crew will prepare the site, lay the paver base, and meticulously install your chosen pavers for a flawless finish.
Quality Materials: BlackRock uses only the highest quality pavers and materials to ensure your patio's lasting beauty and durability.

Enjoy & Enhance:

Relax & Unwind: Kick back and enjoy your brand new paver patio – perfect for entertaining, grilling, or simply soaking up the sun.
Ongoing Care: We offer maintenance plans to keep your paver patio looking its best for years to come.

paver patio services
paver patio services
paver patio services

Why BlackRock Landscape & Construction is Your Perfect Paver Patio Partner in Norcross, GA:

  • Norcross Expertise: We’re your local team, familiar with the area’s climate, soil conditions, and permitting requirements for a smooth and successful paver patio project.
  • Design & Craftmanship: Our experienced designers create stunning and functional patio layouts, while our skilled crew meticulously installs your chosen pavers for a flawless finish.
  • Quality First: We use only the highest quality pavers and materials, ensuring your patio’s long-lasting beauty, durability, and resistance to the elements.
  • Stress-Free Process: From initial consultation to final cleanup, BlackRock handles everything, keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire process.

Let's Begin A New Project with Us

We’re thrilled to embark on a new project with you! Beginning a new project is an exciting journey, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

Our Achievements

Our Best Customer Reviews

We had an outstanding experience with BlackRock Landscape Group from start to finish. We are more than impressed with their work, timeliness and clean up after the job. Pricing was fair and the end result we received is outstanding. We highly recommend them.

Tim D.

Best experience with the landscape they provided to one of my rentals! They gave the extra mile. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

Franco Mora Gomez

Great professional experience and a warming attitude from this company. Really took their time to listen to all of my requests. Highly recommend them.

Beto Corona

BlackRock Landscape did a great and very professional job.

Bernice Brown
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